Henrietta 1860
Passenger list

This list has been transcribed from "The OTAGO WITNESS" of 29th September, 1860, Page 4, column 4 & 5.
The image was viewed at Papers Past.

If you find you can improve the accuracy of some particular detail, I really would like to hear from you. Barry PYCROFT
On May 30th, 1860 - Barque Henrietta departed Glasgow, under Captain Cumming, and arrived at Dunedin on 24th September, 1860.

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Passengers -
SURNAME Forename Wife Children
ANDREW John    
BALLANTINE Francis   4 sons and 5 daughters
BLACK Archibald    
BREMNER John    
CAIRNS Peter wife son
CAMERON Duncan wife 2 sons and daughter
CAMERON Ewen wife 6 sons and 2 daughters
CAMERON Duncan wife  
CAMERON John wife  
CANDICH Margaret   and daughter
COOPER Ann    
CRICHTON William    
DALLAS Thomas wife  
DEANS George wife 3 sons and 3 daughters
DEANS John wife son
DICKSON William    
DUGUID Robert    
DUNCAN Peter    
DUNCAN Wm.    
EADIE William wife son and 2 daughters
ERSKINE James    
FALCONER Janet    
FARMER James B.    
FERGUSON William    
FERGUSON James    
GORDON John    
GRAHAM George    
GRANT James wife  
GRANT Elspeth    
GRAY Walter wife 3 sons and daughter.
GREIG David wife  
GREIG Janet    
HAMILTON Mrs. David    
HARDIE James wife 2 sons and 4 daughters
HENDERSON John wife 2 sons and daughter
HEWAT Robert wife son and daughter
HISLOP Mungo wife and son
HUNTER Archibald wife and son
KINLOCH Margaret    
LITSTER James    
LIVINGSTON Charles wife 3 sons and 4 daughters
MACKAY Angus    
MARSHALL James wife and 2 sons
MATHIESON Alexander    
McCOLL Duncan wife 4 sons and 3 daughters
McCOLL Duncan    
McEWEN Jessie    
McGILL William    
McKENZIE John wife  
McLAREN John wife and 2 sons
McLAREN John    
McLELLAN Catherine    
McLELLAN James    
McLEOD Alexander wife son and 2 daughters
McNEIL Hector wife and daughter
McPHERSON Angus wife  
MILL Wm. wife  
MILL Robt    
MORRISON Malcolm wife and 5 sons
MUNRO Donald    
MURDOCH Peter    
OLIVER John wife and 5 sons
OLIVER Elizabeth    
ORR John wife 5 sons and 3 daughters
REID Simon    
ROBERTSON Mrs. Robt   and 6 daughters
ROGERS George wife  
ROSS Donald wife  
SINCLAIR Robert wife  
SINCLAIR Robert    
SINCLAIR Helen    
SINCLAIR Arthur    
SMEATON James    
SMITH George    
STEEDMAN James wife 2 sons and daughter
STEVEN James    
SUTHERLAND John wife and daughter
SUTHERLAND Benjamin    
SWAN Agnes    
WEBSTER Robert    
YOUNG Wm. wife and 3 sons

12 kegs and 8 bags nails, 4 bundles, spades, 1 bundle grapes and rakes, 1 cask hardware, 1 do, tinware, 4 boxes ploughs and harrows, 100 barrow wheels, 14 wheels and 4 axles, pair shafts, 1 cask rice, 2 boxes sperm candles, 10 boxes soap, 1 cask vinegar, 1 case castor oil, 6 boxes glass, 1 box haberdashery, 1 cask turpentine, 2 casks paint, 5 boxes fish, 2 casks barley, 2 cases saddlery, 5 boxes pickles, 1 cask currants, 1 package raisins, 1 box marmalade, 3 chests tea, 4 boxes furniture, 1 case medicine, 200 casks bottled beer, 12 frames felt, 4 boxes pipes, and sundry packages merchandise.
J. S. DOUGLAS, Agent.

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